Did you know that switching to gas can save you money? Gas appliances are cheaper to run than electric appliances, saving you money on your next electricity bill. Natural gas is also more environmently friendly as it produces fewer greenhouse gas emisions. Don't have natural gas to your house? LPG botles can be delivered and they also cost a fraction of the cost per KW versus electricity. Power outage? No problem! You will still be able to take a hot shower or cook your loved ones a hot meal. Make the switch today!

All our installers are certified and comply with all NZ codes and regulations. Don't compromise your insurance policies, it is a legal requirement to have all gas installation done by certified gas-fitters. This also safeguards you from gas leaks caused by botched installations that could lead to fires.  


All our work comes with a 12 month labour guarantee, so if you are not satisfied with our services, we will come out and do it for free. We offer a complete range of services including gas hot water systems, kitchen installations/refits and gas heating installation.

Areas of Expertise
  • Gas Cooking

  • Gas Hot Water

  • Gas Leak Detection & Repair

  • Gas Fireplace Installations

  • Gas Hob Installations

  • Upgrading from electric to gas systems

  • Continuous Flow Water Heating

Benefits of Gas Cooking/Gas Water Heating

Accurate cooking tempretures

Even Heat Distribution

Lower Heat Emissions 

Power Outage? No problem!

Faster Cooking Times

Save on storage space, no need to store large hot water cyclinders

More efficient, gas hot water only heats the water you use

Saves you money as gas appliances are cheaper to run than electric appliances

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