Rust, animal or wind damage can all lossen your roofing materials. Regular roof maintenance helps protect your investment against the harsh toll the environment can take on your roof. Be sure to have and inspection done at least twice a year, to keep your roof warranties valid. Get an affordable commercial or residential roof maintenance inspection done today! Call us now on
022 159 2013 to schedule your next roof maintenance job.

Areas of Expertise


Rust repair


Debris removal

Animal Damage repair

Blocked Gutters/Drains

Open pipe flashings

Sealants deteriorating 

Roof Leaks

Skylight Maintenance

Loose Roof tiles

Downpipes & Strormwater Systems

Benefits of Regular Roof Maintenance

Protects your warranty & maximizes lifespan of roof

Minimizes cost of major jobs caused by neglecting maintenance

Prevents deterioration of roofing materials

Prevents major leaks or electrical issues

Strengthens weather resistance

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